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About Merrimack Transformers

The primary focus of the transformer division of Merrimack is the design and manufacture of Control and Power Transformers. These transformers are supplied to all industry sectors within the Irish market. A small percentage of the turnover is exported to UK, Holland and the USA. Merrimack is recognised as the leading supplier of transformers in Ireland over many years. The company has a world class C.A.D. programme for the design of all types of transformers and has accumulated a database of over 7000 product designs.

At the pre-order stage great emphasis is placed on assisting the customer with proper selection of the parameters for each transformer application. This ensures that the optimum design is achieved in most cases. The company can offer a complete package, which comprises fitted enclosures incorporating protection, socket outlets, cabling, D.C. power supplies and specialist transformers. There is also a range of standard 110v portable site units and safety low-voltage lighting to the construction industry and mining sector.

Hospitals and Pharmaceutical plants have been fitted with our medical quality specified transformers.

See full product list and dimensions on this site. Please send the enquiry and your request on the customer email field provided. You may also phone to speak to an engineer for product advice.