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Laminated & Ferrite

DC power supply transformer, Figure 1

This area defines categorizaton to a large degree and is best illustrated by specific examples. A large range of transformers is covered here.

In figure 1 is shown the main type of custom transformer made by Merrimack. Tens of thousands of these are made per annum. This is simply a two winding transformer mains 230v to 15-25VAC the output of which drives a rectifier. The transformer meets EN61558 requirements, is a double wound type and has separate compartments for the primary & secondary coils. Power ratings range from 10VA to 150VA.

Figure 2 shows the wider range of similar transformer to Figure 1. Multi ouput, increasingly custom transformers are included. Special brackets, ferrules, AMP type high density connectors, brass standoffs can be fitted. The top left unit is a power supply transformer supplied to BOSE used in a speaker amplifier system. The top right unit is a power supply transformer supplied to Leeds & Northrup Ltd. The unit on the bottom right is an inductor used in an automatic door supplied to BESAM AS.

Figure 3 shows a unit from a range supplied to BAYER for use in medical diagnostic machines supplied around the world. This unit carries UL and CSA approvals in addition to meeting the usual EU standards. It is the main power supply in the machine and has multi input capability for various utility voltages around the world. 3 separate secondaries meeting strict inter winding isolation requirements exist on the transformer. Special high quality steel means the unit is very cool running. High current phenolic connectors are used here.

Figure 4 shows two generations of power supply for TRINTECH. These units power their credit card readers used all over Europe. The smaller unit is a potted or encapsulated transformer AC 230v to AC 15v. The larger unit is shown complete at the top and with the cover removed at the bottom. This is AC 230v to DC 5v & 12v. The DC outputs are smoothed and regulated.

Figure 5 shows a large choke and two small toroidal chokes. The large choke is used in a FISKARS uninterruptible power supply. It is a high current, high inductance unit and wound with copper foil interleaved with mylar for insulation.

It has a ferrite core.

Figure 6 shows a high current choke arrangement and a high frequency transformer supplied to SCI Ltd. The transformer is used in a switched mode power supply and has multiple paralleled windings.

Power supply transformers, Figure 2
UL, CSA approved transformer, Figure 3
AC & DC power supplies, Figure 4
Various Inductors, Figure 5
High current Inductor and transformer, F
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