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New Canti-Lever Sliding Gates - Industrial

The new industrial Canti-Lever sliding gate is a perfect solution for entrances to factories, warehouses and commercial premises, as there is no requiremaent to fit a track across the entrance roadway. Owing to its solid and massive construction driveways up to 10 metres may be closed and even twice wider (20 metres) if two opposite gates are used. Using these. Canti-Lever sliding gates a very high degree of security is provided and many safety features are incoroporated meeting the current EU standards.

There is also a range of semi-industrial Canti-Lever sliding gates from 5m up to 10m in width. These can be provided in simple skeleton frame construction for the customer to fit with timber or cladding finish. This range of gates is ideally suited to various types of commercial entrances, small factories and farmyard entrances.

Please contact Merrimack for designs and quotes. All you need to specify is the width of the entrance and the height of the piers or posts.

Features and Advantages

Modern designing solutions

The project of industrial sliding gate has been processed on the basis of Finite Element Method (FEM). The application of modern computer techniques already in the phase of designing allows testing the product behaviour before the prototype appears. Hence the product we are offering is of high quality and precisely checked.

Self-supporting construction

Means that being suspended above the level of the driveway the gate needs no support. This solution ensures stable gate work irrespective of the season and environmental conditions. The gate movement is not blocked by anything, even when the ground is covered with snow, ice, sand or leaves.

Automatic gate

The gate is equipped with an operator, built into the post. The drive is operated by means of a key switch(2) or a remote transmitter(3). The operator mounted inside the post is protected from the influence of external factors, like rain, snow or other pollution. For the owner or a technician the access to the controls is easy you should only open the post cover with a key to make necessary conservation or regulation. In case of a power failure the gate can be opened manually by opening the cover (4) and unblocking the drive.


Safe usage is guaranteed by: photocells(10) and the gate leaf, STOP button(3) and a signalling lamp(8). If equipped with safety bars (1), the gate will stop immediately if meets an obstacle on its way and the object will not be damaged.

Effective and silent work

Smooth leaf movement is assured by a smooth rail surface (5) and systems of rolls (6) made of polyamide. The rail is formed from a pre-galvanized steel sheet in this way we achieve the effect of a very smooth surface. The rolls are durable and need no conservation (polyamide is a very hard and attrition resistant material). The guiding rolls (9)) ensure steady and smooth closure of the gate.
With the help of the stretching element(7) the gate leaf can additionally levelled while installing. It allows also to regulate the gate after some period of usage.


yellow RAL 1018 red RAL 3000 green RAL 6005
green RAL 6029 grey RAL 7040
Every other colour from RAL palette is available on individual request (does not regard colours with pearl, reflexive and metallic effects).
  • Gates, wickets and industrial segments are painted with matt colours, welded mesh fences with gloss colours.
  • Different techniques of manufacture and pigmentation do not exclude differences in colour if compared to the original registers RAL 840-HR (semi matt finish) and RAL 841-GL (gloss finish). Also colours and levels of glossiness presented in Wiśniowski informational and advertisement materials (including web sites) should be treated as visual aid only.
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