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New Canti-Lever Sliding Gates - Residential

Using this new residential Canti-Lever sliding gate a beautiful automated entrance can be provided without a need to fit a track in the driveway. You can choose from up to 18 different designs of gate. These are galvanised and powder coated finish in several colours. Entrances up to 6 meters can be accomodated. Using these Canti-Lever sliding gates a very high degree of security is provided and many safety features are incoroporated meeting the current EU standards.

A unique automation system is provided by incorporating the drive motor within the main mounting post, which adds greatly to the aestethics of the complete installation by not having the motor visible externally.

Please contact Merrimack for designs and quotes. All you need to specify is the width of the entrance and the height of the piers or posts.

Features and Advantages


Trouble-free functioning of the gate is guaranteed by its self-supporting construction. The gate leaf is suspended above the driveway and does not require any additional support. Therefore snow, leaves or sand do not influence the smooth movement of the gate. The stable functioning is assured by a special set of guiding bearing rolls; the gripping unit installed on the post assures smooth closure of the gate and sets it firmly in closed position.


Convenient usage is assured by remotely controlled drive unit built into the post. In this way the device is protected from access of unauthorized persons. In case of power failures the drive can be opened manually by unblocking the mechanism by means of a lever installed on the post’s cover.


The safe usage is guaranteed by: an overload switch and a signalling lamp. If the gate leaf meets an obstacle on its way of movement (e.g. a car), the overload switch will stop the gate and then open it. Additionally, toimprove the level of safety, the vertical edge of the gate is equipped with a rubber bar. Additional options are: photocells or optical safety bars.


System LUX

An unconventional approach to the design of fences, a wide choice of patterns and discerning forms provide luxurious character for every elegant real estate. This system is ideal for extravagant villas, residences, sacral and historic objects, government buildings and state offices. See the catalogue of designs in LUX system.

System STYL

Modernity and style in one. Original patterns ensure exceptional character of every real estate and delicately stress its individually. A number of designs, a wide offer of standard and special colours both in typical and special dimensions. See the catalogue of designs in STYL system.


Classical forms and shapes, simple line and at the same time many possibilities. It includes more than a dozen of designs in standard and special dimensions and a wide offer of standard and additional colours. These modular solutions are perfect for simple architectonical forms and modern building. See the catalogue of designs in CLASSIC system.

System EKO

A cheap, durable and reliable fence – simple in form and shape, one kind of filling, several standard dimensions, standard colours. This type of fencing is ideal for big areas and territories with various gradients. See the catalogue of designs in EKO system.


black RAL 9005 matt brown RAL 8014 matt grey RAL 7040 matt
green RAL 6005 matt black RAL 9005 matt
Anthracite Cast iron

Every other colour from RAL palette is available on individual request (does not regard colours with pearl, reflexive and metallic effects).
  • Different techniques of manufacture and pigmentation do not exclude differences in colour if compared to the original registers RAL 840-HR (semi matt finish) and RAL 841-GL (gloss finish). Also colours and levels of glossiness presented in Wiśniowski informational and advertisement materials (including web sites) should be treated as visual aid only.
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