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Spare parts

Merrimack carry ex.stock a full range of spare parts for all SERAI equipment.

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Spare parts list (82 pages, PDF format)

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With the increasing demand for security around the home, people are very conscious of having their gates closed at all times. This is now made simple by the range of systems available to automate your entrance gates.

The following tips will help you select the most suitable system for your gates. Generally, gates can vary in width from 3mt. to 5mt. with the most common being 4mt. Also the weight can vary from 50kg for light steel gates up to 500kg for heavy gates per leaf. For . double leaf gates these can be automated using either surface mounted motors or underground motors. The surface mounted is available in two types, the first being an electro-mechanical arm suitable for gate leaf up to 3m per leaf e.g. Serai Kit 39 system (see Merrimack ad. on this page).

The second, Serai Kit 76 (new product) is a Canti-Lever motor mounted behind the gate piers, one either side with a neat and unobtrusive elbow type arm that connects to the gate. Both types of overground motors are suitable for gate leaf weight up to 250kg. The underground system covers a gate leaf up to 3.5mt. and a weight of 500kg. These will look the best aesthetically. There are two models in the Serai range, the larger one Serai Kit 86 which will require an outlet drain for any surface water to escape. The smaller underground system Serai Kit Unico is used for gates up to 2.5mt. and leaf weight of 200kg max. (new product). These are sealed motors and do not require any drain outlets.

Merrimack Automation are installing and distributing the Serai range of electric gate system in Ireland for 16 years. All of the above systems are available from our newly opened wholesale outlet and showroom in DIY kit form. Quality steel gates are also provided in either galvanised or powder coated finish. Brochures are available for these plus a new range of hardwood quality gates.

The complete entrance package can be provided including security cameras. Call today for advice and assistance with choosing your entrance and gate automation system. New products will be launched soon in the Home Improvement range of products, covering lighting, garage door and security.