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Security Fencing

Universal character

means that the fencing is suitable for any real estate, irrespective of its area and surface features. The system comprises the gates, segments, wickets and posts. The system approach, as well as modular construction, allows complex fencing of the area on each side. All components of the system create a harmonic entirety, allowing you to compose and combine in any way you wish - theywill always present perfectly.

Variety of forms and patterns

makes possible individual adjustment of the fencing to the surrounding architecture. A number of filling kinds, from the simplest and classical solutions in EKO and CLASSIC systems, to the sophisticated forms of STYL and LUX systems for the most discerning customers.

You can select among the typical sizes, or you can order your own dimensions. All this for adjusting the fencing to the individual requirements of the real estate and for stressing its exceptional character.


is the basic advantage of our fencing systems. All the components of the system are constructed from steel and then hot galvanized - this provides perfect anticorrosion protection. Powder painted fencing systems, in addition to aesthetic values, gain the additional protection of the surface. All this for the fencing to serve many, many years, without the necessity of maintenance - this is just both an exceptional convenience and savings !

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