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Solar Heating

Solar panels for water heating and space heating in the home, office, farm or factory.

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Eco-energy solutions, a division of Merrimack Trading Group can offer advice and quote for the installation of Solar Panels to produce hot water and space heating also. These can be the evacuated tube type, or flat panel type. They are used in conjunction with an existing heating system and result in a reduced cost of electricity . This is especially so in the summer months with long sunlight hours and water is heated by the solar panels and a larger storage cylinder ensures a constant supply of hot water, without having to turn on oil or gas heating systems. the number of panels, size and area of roof covered depends on the heating system installed, the output and the overall energy demand.

Please click below and fill in the email enquiry form on our website or call today for more info and a quote.

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Solar roof photo

Solar Roofs & Tiles

Suppliers and distributors for unique Solar roof tiles and Solar cladding supplying free energy for water and air heating and pools etc.

Solar roof panels Solar roof panels Solar roof cladding

This new range of Solar roof systems and solar cladding is now available and can be designed into houses, log cabins, eco- and greener homes, out buildings and many other applications where a free supply of renewable energy can be accomodated into the building at the design stage.

The use of seperate solar panels can also be fitted to all types of roofs to provide a similar result. An invertor is used to convert the gererated energy to 230volts that is then used to power appliances. At present the metering arrangements does not allow for back-feeding into the grid, but it is believed that this will br possible very soon in Ireland. Most european countries have moved in this direction and also use credits as a way of paying the private supplier for energy generated. These solar roofs are ideal when a seperate supply is required , or when the grid will not be available in a location. In this case a battery storage system will ensure constant supply, day and night throughout the year.

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Energy Glass

A new concept utilising solar cell modules in glass structures on buildings, facades, coservatories etc. to provide passive and free energy. A spectacular opportunity for architects and developers to design in unique energy efficient solution.

energy glass

Integrating the photo-voltaic solar technology into the design of modern buildings and structures that incorporate a large percentage of glass in-fills, can maintain the aesthetic looks and features while at the same time, providing energy from the sun to power lighting , heating and air-conditioning so economically.

This makes so much sense for office environments as office power requirements coincide with daylight hours for almost the entire year. This cutting edge solar technology when intelligently designed into the building envelope offers huge benefits whether connected to the grid or entirely self-contained power sources.

The solar cell modules are available in a wide variety of gentle colours allowing the designer great scope in achieving many beautiful shades of glass elevations and facades etc.
The architect now has many new challenges using this innovation with , energy glass . The angles and orientation of a building will be focussed by the decision to incorporate this renewable and efficient alternative energy generation source, thus achieving a totally new and spectacular look and unique design.

Contact Eco-Energy Solutions for details on module dimensions and specific design criteria, and quotes plus delivery lead time.

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Wind energy image

Wind Energy

Consultants and designers for the supply and installation of a range of small Wind Energy generators for home, business, farm and remote locations for renewable energy supply.

Considering using Wind Energy as a renewable and efficient alternative power source is now very real and deserves to be looked at , either on its own or in conjunction with solar technology.

New technologies used in the manufacture of wind turbines are lowering costs and bringing their use into vogue more and more in recent years. Advances in airfoil blade design, super magnet generators, smart power electronics, very tall towers and , stealth low noise and visual impact , all point to an industry that has arrived for real in a world where oil and gas fired power stations have become an ever-increasing cost liability, and certainly not environmentally friendly in 2008.

Eco-Energy Solutions will discuss your needs with regard to wind energy and design a combined or single solution for your best energy package in planning for the future.

Merrimack energy division, ECO-ENERGY SOLUTIONS, are now proud to promote the range of small wind turbines from the company FORTIS WIND ENERGY (www.fortiswindenergy.com)
These are of a very high quality manufacturers and come complete with a 5 year maintenance free warranty. This can be extended up to 10 years years at a small additional premium. These turbines are ideally suited to the residential, agricultural and small commercial/industrial sites.

Call us to-day to arrange a site visit and offer you a free consultancy service and quotation.

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hydro energy photo

Micro Hydro Energy

Agents for small water driven turbines for use on rivers, streams, weirs and waterfalls for the supply of clean and free energy for home or business or remote power requirements.

These types of small water driven turbines are very specially designed to work with an existing water source, eg, river or stream or weir. The head of water must be given and the flow rate or speed of the water in litres per second, before a suitable generator can be sized to suit the application.

Power ratings are available from about 1kw up to 5kw for homes and small farms etc and up to 20kw for industrial and special applications.

Merrimack trading group represent a high quality supplier for micro-hydro generators and associated electrical controls.

Please call us if you have a requirement in this specialised field of alternative energy.

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natural light systems

Natural Light

Increase natural sunlight in homes, offices, large buildings and warehouses etc. thereby cutting energy costs. Electrical lights can be switched off automatically as natural light enters.

solarspot natural light illustration

This range of elegant products provide access to the natural sunlight for all enclosed areas eg, attics, garrets, passages, blind baths, cellars, corridors and areas poorly lit by standard windows.

In the home daylight is a vital requirement for wellbeing and health and when this is either lacking or depleted or produced artificially, it will be noticed and felt and can cause the syndrome , called SAD.

By fitting a tubular skylight and allowing sunlight to filter straight through from the roof or wall into the enclosed area, it will have immediate effect and thus will provide a long term and economic solution for natural light entry.

Contact Eco-energy Solutions for particular information on the various products available and prices etc. We will be delighted to assist in advising and also visiting with you to explain a best solution.

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Bio ethanol heating by Camino

Bio-Ethanol Heating

There is no fumes, no smoke, no ash and zero harmful emissions. Choose from a stylish range of heaters and portable fireplaces for the home, hotel lobby or office, while at the same time protecting the environment.

bio-ethanol fireplace on a swimming pool beach fireplace mount into a media system bio-ethanol fire hung on metal strings

Thanks to this new environmentally friendly fuel, Eco-Energy solutions are delighted to bring you a very viable alternative to domestic and office stand-alone gas-fired heaters. Using our InCamino range of bio-ethanol spirit heating units you can heat your home or office to a very comfortable level, while at the same time adding a beautiful fireplace effect in the room , where there was no fireplace before, but you always thought about something missing in the room.

The fuel is managed very easily and stored in specially designed plastic containers that have a drip-free pouring spout and seal. Bio-ethanol is now becomming more widely available in Ireland and the timing is just perfect to make the change away from the old propane gas heaters. There will be a range of new bio-ethanol barbecues and patio heaters announced soon also.

Please click a link below and view these new stylish heaters as a first on the Irish market. Contact us to get a quote and more details.

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